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    Guidelines For Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC)

    What are Designated Campus Colleagues?

    The Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC) includes affiliates, associates and volunteers.

    1. Affiliates

    Affiliates are select individuals from agencies, institutions, hospitals and clinics that directly contribute service to the academic or research mission of the University and have been afforded contractual affiliates status by the Office of the Provost.

    2. Associates

    University Associates include individuals such as unpaid faculty, principal investigators, visiting scholars, and others who are regularly engaged in activities that directly support the University’s teaching and research mission.

    3. Volunteers

    Volunteers are individuals who serve as docents, 4-H workers, event coordinators and other roles that support the University’s mission and do not meet the criteria for affiliate or associate appointments. Volunteers perform services for the University without coercion or expectation of compensation, benefits, or future employment.

    Creating DCC Relationships

    Departments will create and maintain DCC relationships for all affiliates, associates and volunteers within UAccess Manager Self Service. A DCC Worksheet is available to gather information in preparation for initiating a new DCC Request in Manager Self Service.

    How do I become a DCC?

    Please make direct contact with the appropriate department or office to express your interest.

    DCC Request Initiators and Approvers are expected to ensure that DCC relationships are created only to provide legitimate services to the University and/or to have legitimate access to University services, systems, or applications in support the University’s mission and are expected to end DCC relationships when services are completed.

    DCC relationships are considered at-will and carry no promise of continuation and can be terminated at any time, without cause, without notice and without recourse.