Personal Leave of Absence
Qualifying Reasons and Eligibility

When an absence is not covered by Family and Medical Leave, and/or approved under Sick Time, Vacation Time, or a short-term Excused Unpaid Absence, a supervisor can decide whether approval of a personal leave of absence is appropriate and can be supported (see Business Considerations for Personal Leave of Absence). Factors to consider for an employee’s eligibility are as follows:

Qualifying Reasons ← and → Employee Eligibility
(all must be present)
  • Departmental request process is followed
  • The period of unpaid leave will be more than 28 unpaid calendar days and no more than one calendar year
  • Supervisor and administrator approve leave
  • Any Appointed Personnel
  • Regular Classified Staff (not on initial probation) and has exhausted all vacation

When the employee does not qualify for a Personal Leave of Absence, other absence options can be explored at the supervisor’s discretion – see main flow chart.

Additional Information:


Classified Staff:
Policy #212.0 on Personal Leave of Absence

Appointed Personnel:
UHAP Policy 8.04.01 on Leaves of Absence - General.

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