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    Job Title Job Code Pay Grade FLSA
    General Maintenance Asst Suprv 050500 33 Exempt
    General Maintenance Mechanic 050480 31 Non-exempt
    General Maintenance Mechanic, Lead 050490 32 Non-exempt
    General Maintenance Services Suprv 050520 43 Exempt
    General Maintenance Supervisor 050510 42 Exempt
    Glassblower, Apprentice 050910 15 Non-exempt
    Grant And Contract Coordinator 030180 31 Exempt
    Graphic Artist 061150 32 Non-exempt
    Graphic Design Supervisor 061175 43 Exempt
    Graphic Designer 061160 41 Non-exempt
    Graphic Designer, Senior 061170 42 Non-exempt
    Grounds Crew Chief 050300 32 Exempt
    Grounds Supervisor 050320 42 Exempt
    Groundskeeper 050280 15 Non-exempt
    Groundskeeper, Lead 050290 22 Non-exempt