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    Job Title Job Code Pay Grade FLSA
    Industrial Hygienist 020795 61 Exempt
    Information Director, Sports 060230 51 Exempt
    Information Specialist 060250 32 Exempt
    Information Specialist Coordinator 060260 42 Exempt
    Information Specialist, Assistant 060240 22 Non-exempt
    Information Technology Manager 073060 B13 Exempt
    Information Technology Manager, Principal 073062 B15 Exempt
    Information Technology Manager, Senior 073061 B14 Exempt
    Information Technology Project Manager 073070 B13 Exempt
    Information Technology Support Analyst 073080 B07 Non-exempt
    Information Technology Support Analyst, Principal 073082 B13 Exempt
    Information Technology Support Analyst, Senior 073081 B11 Exempt
    Instructional Aide 020430 14 Non-exempt
    Instructional Specialist 040130 22 Non-exempt
    Instructional Specialist Coordinator 040150 42 Exempt
    Instructional Specialist, Senior 040140 32 Exempt
    Instrument Maker 051000 42 Non-exempt
    Instrument Maker / Designer 051010 51 Non-exempt
    Instrument Shop Supervisor, Senior 051025 61 Exempt
    Insulator 051070 32 Non-exempt
    Interpreter / Transliterator 020475 41 Non-exempt
    Interpreter / Transliterator, Sr 020476 51 Non-exempt
    Irrigation Specialist 050330 21 Non-exempt
    Irrigation Specialist, Senior 050340 23 Non-exempt
    IT Support Center Specialist 073090 B07 Non-exempt
    IT Support Center Specialist, Senior 073091 B08 Non-exempt