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    Classified Staff Job Description

    The University of Arizona

    Human Resources

    Classified Staff Employee Job Description

    Job Code: 030025
    Title: Farm Attendant, Lead
    Pay Grade: 23
    Pay Range
    FLSA:Agricultural Exemption

    Purpose of Classification:
    Leads and performs farm activities such as planting, weeding, harvesting and caring for livestock. Performs minor maintenance tasks including electrical, plumbing and carpentry work. Operates a variety of farm equipment.

    Distinguishing Characteristics:
    This is third in a series of six classifications. This classification is distinguished from Farm Attendant, Senior by performing more complex duties and leading the work of others. Incumbents may live on the premises in a University-owned residence and are expected to be able to adapt to a flexible work schedule. Incumbents work outside in adverse weather conditions.

    Example of Duties:
    • Leads students or other farm employees in caring for livestock, planting, harvesting and other farm activities.
    • Sets schedules for feeding and watering animals.
    • Observes animals to detect signs of illness or injury. Treats minor injuries and advises a veterinarian or supervisor of serious problems.
    • Coordinates or conducts the processing of animals including weighing, assigning and attaching ear tags, vaccinating, castrating and dehorning.
    • Leads the preparation of rations and feed supplements to animals according to experimental requirements.
    • Breeds animals. Selects sires for artificial insemination.
    • Assists and attends animals during and after birth of offspring.
    • Plants, weeds, cultivates and harvests experimental plots and field crops. Operates various types of farm equipment including tractors and harvesters.
    • Orders, mixes and measures pesticides and fertilizers and applies them to crops.
    • Performs maintenance of facilities such as water lines, corrals and buildings including minor electrical, plumbing or carpentry repairs.
    • Maintains records of such activities as crops planted and animals bred, sold or slaughtered.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Knowledge of farming principles and operations.
    • Ability to provide work direction to others.
    • Skill in the operation of farm equipment and in the use of tools used in the repair and maintenance of facilities.
    • Ability to accurately maintain written records.
    • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      • Two years of farm work experience, OR
      • Any equivalent combination of experience, training or education approved by Human Resources.
      • May require possession of a current Arizona Type D drivers license upon employment.


      Revised: 07/01/2007

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