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    Classified Staff Job Description

    The University of Arizona

    Human Resources

    Classified Staff Employee Job Description

    Job Code: 050710
    Title: Planned Maintenance Supervisor
    Pay Grade: 43
    Pay Range

    Purpose of Classification:
    Supervises planned maintenance on building mechanical equipment systems such as elevators and heating, ventilating and/or air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

    Distinguishing Characteristics:
    This is a specialized classification and not part of a series.

    Example of Duties:
    • Monitors the activities of subordinates.
    • Monitors planned maintenance on heating, ventilating and/or air conditioning systems.
    • Monitors general building maintenance and the use and acquisition of materials.
    • Monitors repair and planned maintenance on elevators.
    • Develops measures to improve methods, equipment performance and quality of work.
    • Ensures budgetary guidelines are met; prioritizes expenditures to stay within budget; assists in the preparation of capital and operations budgets.
    • Interprets policies to assigned personnel and enforces safety regulations and adherence to proper codes and standards.
    • Prepares and negotiates maintenance contracts between Physical Resources and other departments on campus.
    • Monitors and manages progress of in-house contracts and reviews outside vendor contracts.
    • Makes material and labor estimates.
    • Plans and develops work schedules, equipment usage schedules and procedures for equipment maintenance.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Knowledge of the tools, equipment and materials common to the trade.
    • Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of supervision.
    • Knowledge of planned maintenance principles, practices and techniques.
    • Skill in applying planned maintenance principles, practices and techniques.
    • Skill in estimating time and materials required for assignment.
    • Ability to effectively communicate.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      • Eight years of experience in heating, ventilating and/or air conditioning mechanics, elevator mechanics or building maintenance mechanics which includes one year of lead experience; OR,
      • Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved by Human Resources.


      Revised: 07/01/2007

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