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    Classified Staff Job Description

    The University of Arizona

    Human Resources

    Classified Staff Employee Job Description

    Job Code: 060775
    Title: Videographer / Producer
    Pay Grade: 51
    Pay Range

    Purpose of Classification:
    Produces and directs various programs, promotional or documentary material for television on-air broadcast or educational video programs. Determines the creative needs of the program, then videotapes and edits the program material.

    Distinguishing Characteristics:
    This is the third in a series of three classifications and is distinguished from the Videographer, Senior in that incumbents are involved in program development and direction from program conception through program presentation.

    Example of Duties:
    • Researches and develops story/program concepts for various areas such as public interest and educational use; determines angle of story or program to cover.
    • Conducts required research such as personal interviews to obtain necessary information; plans story line and writes script.
    • Schedules production, camera and editing time; preplans taping to ensure the necessary equipment and visuals are available.
    • Videotapes program material for production using video camera equipment; makes technical and creative decisions regarding such elements as appropriate lighting, shooting angle, placement and type of microphones audio needs, locations, use of movement and interviews; serves as creative liaison to technical production staff.
    • Acts as a Producer/Director/Videographer in the field.
    • Exercises independent judgment in the assembling and editing of videotaped material for local and national broadcast to ensure visual cohesiveness by assessing narrative and visual context.
    • Edits and assembles final audio/video program material; ensures consistency and relevancy to production; monitors technical quality of end product; determines adequate staffing needed for production; coordinates work activities of production crew during taping.
    • Assembles and edits on-air promotional spots for programs scheduled for broadcast.
    • Prepares and monitors production budget and performs post-production accounting functions.
    • Maintains accurate records, logs and transcribes production activities.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Knowledge of broadcasting rules and regulations.
    • Knowledge of broadcasting production techniques.
    • Skill in visualizing and shooting concepts effectively.
    • Skill in production and editing.
    • Ability to effectively communicate.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      • Bachelor's degree in Radio/Television, Film, Fine Arts or related field AND four years experience operating video cameras and editing equipment; OR,
      • Eight years experience operating video cameras and editing equipment; OR,
      • Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved by Human Resources.


      Revised: 03/13/2006

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