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    Classified Staff Job Description

    The University of Arizona

    Human Resources

    Classified Staff Employee Job Description

    Job Code: 070330
    Title: Word Processing Specialist
    Pay Grade: 22
    Pay Range

    Purpose of Classification:
    Operates sophisticated software packages, word processing and peripheral equipment to record, edit, store, revise, convert and print correspondence, reports, manuscripts, statistical tables, forms and other materials utilizing clerical and computer skills and knowledge of word processing functions.

    Distinguishing Characteristics:
    This is third in a series of three classifications. Assignments involve complex, technically oriented documents and involve use of specialized software packages or equipment for equations, scientific notation, tables, formulas, graphics, desk-top publishing or database.

    Example of Duties:
    • Reviews rough draft and copy to determine procedures to be followed regarding material to be prepared or revised, the requested format for finished copy, the equipment/software to use and the time involved on the project.
    • Word processes or keys material into machine memory from printed copy, machine dictation or handwritten materials. Locates documents in files when revisions are requested and inserts, deletes, corrects, repositions or reformats document.
    • Operates peripheral equipment such as printers, copiers or dictaphones to produce documents.
    • Identifies and takes corrective action to resolve routine operational problems.
    • Reads proof copy of documents entered into machine memory and corrects typographical and grammatical errors; prints out final copy and records material for future reference.
    • Performs applications programming operations (macros) for the input, storage, revision and retrieval of data from the word processing equipment.
    • Establishes and maintains logs and files of tapes, cards, discs and other stored material.
    • Answers questions and/or provides training to other word processing operators, department or clerical staff.
    • Reviews requested work to determine correct style and format to comply with various publisher requirements and produces camera-ready copy.
    • May operate graphics programs to produce figures, tables and graphs.
    • Maintains equipment and evaluates hardware and software to determine suitability for present and future needs.
    • May coordinate the activities of subordinates.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Knowledge of business English and spelling.
    • Knowledge of word processing operations.
    • Skill in typing from a variety of rough copy or from a transcriber.
    • Skill in entering, amending and retrieving data in desired format.
    • Skill in producing well-balanced, grammatically correct and attractively arranged material.
    • Skill in the use of a variety of software packages.
    • Ability to effectively communicate.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      • Four years of experience in the operation of word processing equipment which includes one year of technical typing experience; OR,
      • Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved by Human Resources.


      Revised: 07/01/2007

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