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    Employment Benefits Compensation Advising Forms Policies

    Furlough Information for Employees

    University Furlough is unpaid time away from work. Employees and supervisors are expected to work together to develop furlough plans for the year. 
    Scheduling University Furlough time
    University Furlough time may be scheduled in partial-day or full-day increments, with the smallest allowable increment being ONE HOUR. Supervisors will pre-approve the furlough schedule for each individual in accordance with departmental needs.
    When scheduling University Furlough time, employees should take into account the maximum hours that may be worked during a Furlough week.

    Non-Exempt Employees
    Since the goal of taking furlough time is to reduce salary costs, the combined total of hours worked plus furlough hours taken in any week may not exceed the non-exempt employee’s scheduled FTE in the week in which University Furlough time is taken. For example, if an employee normally works 40 hours in a week, and takes 8 hours of University Furlough, then s/he cannot work more than 32 hours in that work week. If the employee does work additional hours, then the University Furlough time will be reduced so that the total hours for the week still equal 40.
    Exempt Employees
    Exempt employees record exception time or presence at work on their time records. When University Furlough time is taken, exempt employees must report the furlough time as exception time, and their pay will be reduced accordingly. For example, if the employee’s normal FTE is 1.0, and s/he notes 8 hours of University Furlough, then s/he will be paid for 32 hours for that work week.
    For all employees, University Furlough and regular hours may not exceed the regularly scheduled FTE.
    Recording University Furlough Time
    To document furlough time, enter the number of University Furlough hours taken in the UAccess Employee Self Service Time and Labor section using the Time Reporting Code “UFP” (positive pay reporters) or “UFE” (exception pay reporters) on the day(s) in which furlough time is taken.
    Employees eligible to accrue vacation and/or sick time will continue to accrue vacation and/or sick leave at their regular accrual rate based on FTE even though the furlough time is unpaid. 
    Tracking and Monitoring University Furlough
    All assigned furlough hours must be taken between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011 for fiscal year employees and between August 16, 2010 and May 22, 2011 for academic year employees. Supervisors will work with employees to monitor furlough hour balances.  Furlough Hours Taken are also displayed in the timesheet header under the employee's name and job title.