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    Employment Benefits Compensation Advising Forms Policies

    Qualified Tuition Reduction/Educational Assistance Program

    For eligible active and officially retired employees, their spouses and dependent children

    The Arizona Board of Regents provides a Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) and Educational Assistance Program (EAP) that enables eligible individuals to enroll in courses of study at reduced tuition rates. The QTR/EAP is reciprocal among the three state universities and may be used for regular semesters (Spring and Fall), winter session or summer sessions (Pre-Session, Summer I and Summer II).

    Eligible individuals and their spouses may register for one to nine (1 to 9) credit hours per regular semester or for one to six (1 to 6) credit hours per summer session at the reduced tuition rate of twenty-five dollars ($25.00), plus any laboratory or course fees.  Eligible dependent children who register for one (1) or more credit hours will pay twenty-five percent (25%) of resident tuition plus any laboratory or course fees. Eligible dependent children who register for one (1) or more credit hours in UA Online will pay twenty-five percent (25%) of the UA Online per unit fee.

    Eligible employees must be employed on the first day of an academic semester or session in order to use the QTR for that academic semester or session. A separate application must be submitted for each fall and spring semester.  Only one application is required for all summer sessions.

    The last day to submit an application for the QTR/EAP program is the 35th day of the semester for the fall and spring semesters for which the tuition reduction will be applied.  The last day to submit an application for ALL summer sessions is the last day for refunds for Summer Session 1.

    Courses offered for credit through the Outreach College are eligible for QTR. Correspondence courses are not eligible for QTR. Please contact the Outreach College directly for more information: 520-621-7724

    QTR for Graduate Assistants/Associates

    Spring Semester 2015:  February 18, 2015
    Summer I 2015 and Summer II 2015:  July 15, 2015
    Fall Semester 2015:  September 27, 2015

    Eligibility Guidelines
    Tuition Benefits Taxation Guidelines

    Active employees and UA affiliates apply online through UAccess Employee.  After logging in, select Main Menu > Self Service > Education Assistance Plan > EAP Application Form.  For detailed instructions on completing the online application, select one of the following:

    Retirees and employees on long term disability are not able to access the online system to apply and will need to complete the paper application form.

    Tuition Reduction for a Dependent Child
    To be eligible for dependent tuition reduction, the child must:

      - meet the definition of "child" as defined under IRS §152(f)(1). Section 152(f)(1) defines "child" as a son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, adopted child, or foster child.


      - be claimed as your dependent for federal tax purposes, either as a qualifying child or qualifying relative. The online application will require information necessary to determine dependent eligibility. Click here to see the information that will be requested.

    Guidance is also available at in Publication 501: Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information. Please see the section on "Exemptions for Dependents".

    Verifying Application Status
    Once your application is submitted online, the eligibility status of that application can be viewed in UAccess Employee at any time. After logging in, select Main Menu > Self Service > Education Assistance Plan > EAP Application Review.  Enter in your transaction number to view a specific application and click "Search".  If you do not know your transaction number, you may click "Search" to view all submitted applications.

    QTR Procedures and Deadlines
    QTR Frequently Asked Questions

    Domestic Partner Tuition Program

    Bursar's Office
    Financial Services Office
    Office of the Registrar
    Office of Student Financial Aid