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    Supervisor Essentials Series

    The Supervisor Essentials Series is designed to enhance organizational effectiveness by improving the skill and knowledge base of those with supervisory and management responsibilities.

    Developed in response to on-going demand for targeted, timely and job-related training, the sessions target very specific and practical skills allowing supervisors to learn quickly and effectively, while spending very little time off the job. Sessions are designed to deliver "aha" moments that change behavior and build capacity.

    Whether you are a new or veteran supervisor or manager, team leader, or department HR Liaison, you will find these sessions a refreshing and time-efficient opportunity to enhance your existing skills or learn new ways of achieving success through the effective management of people, policies, and processes.

    All the classes are scheduled in the University Services Building (Room 214). We invite you to explore our Supervisor Essentials classes listed below. Please come back and visit this site often, as additional sessions may be introduced.


    • Registration for ALL classes is active now from this site by clicking the class titles below.
    • For enrollment in classes in October and November, click the class title below and you will be re-directed to the new enterprise learning management system, "UAccess Learning".

    Please direct comments or questions to Chelle Brody
    at 520-621-8298 or

    Session Schedule

    Supervisor Essentials Series
    Promoting a Drug-Free Workplace
    Class description: This session is designed for managers and supervisors and fulfills the federal mandate for compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act. This class is designed to give supervisors and managers an understanding of the UA policies about employee drug and alcohol use. The session will discuss how to recognize signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse in the areas of performance and conduct, address the role of work to a substance abuser, and the cover resources available to a supervisor or manager when dealing with an employee with substance abuse issues. Show...
    • 09/23/2014; 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
    Navigating the Absence Maze
    Class description: Employees request absences for a variety of reasons, including attending to serious medical conditions, making funeral arrangements, serving on a jury, and everything in-between. Supervisors must exercise extreme caution in every aspect of handling a leave request, from reviewing documents, seeking additional information, or deciding whether to grant or deny a leave. This session will help participants navigate the maze of absence policies and compliance laws such as FMLA and includes designated time for questions. Show...
    • 09/30/2014; 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
    Foundational Coaching Skills
    Class description: As a supervisor, coaching is one of your most important tools for helping your employees to be successful.  This session will introduce you to foundational coaching skills, such as asking questions, listening, acknowledgment, and providing feedback.  Participants will have the opportunity to practice coaching during the session. Show...
    • 10/07/2014; 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
    Setting the Course through Performance Planning
    Class description: Performance planning is the first step in the performance management cycle. In this session, participants will learn a model for creating clear and measurable performance goals that drive results. Participants will practice writing individual employee goals that are linked to the organization’s overall strategic direction and vision. Show...
    • 10/14/2014; 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
    Demystifying Background Checks
    Class description: Whether you are new to processing background checks or have been managing these tasks for some time, this session will address the most common questions posed by hiring departments. In this session, the HR Pre-employment Coordinator will provide information and insight about effectively managing background and motor vehicle checks, discuss the role of the department in managing adverse information, and dispel common myths about background checks. Show...
    • 10/23/2014; 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
    Painless Performance Reviews
    Class description: Do you dread performance reviews? Do you procrastinate "Having the discussion?" This session will provide you with the information and skills you need to transform the performance review process into what it should be -- an opportunity for discussion, clarification, and setting meaningful and attainable goals. The performance review is an essential and highly useful management tool and this session will provide information to help you use it effectively. Show...
    • 10/28/2014; 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
    Interview Techniques that Work!
    Class description: The success of your department depends largely on your ability to make good hires. But making a good hire is not an easy task. Very few managers receive formal training on the selection process, and even fewer understand how to design an interview process. No matter what interview methods are used, there are three basic questions that must be answered: Can they do the job? Will they do the job? Will they fit in? In this session, you’ll learn ways to run a more effective interview process, ask questions that provide insight relevant to the job, and focus on the pieces of information that really matter. Show...
    • 11/04/2014; 8:30 AM-10:00 AM